Product Range

Innovation and Quality

Our highly satisfied customers rely on our range by making a choice to high quality products with the best quality/price ratio. Every new product added to our offering is beforehand carefully scrutinized and tested from our technical department.

We strive for a 360-degree customer satisfaction with a range that includes, in addition to the already well established clutch release bearings productions, also belt tighteners, wheel bearings , wheel hubs, plugs, cross joints and universal cross joints for transmission units, c.v joints, concentric slave cylinder bearings, gearbox bearings and shock absorber bearings. For some time now Coram has extended its range of clutch release bearings to include spares for heavy-duty vehicles such as trucks and agricultural machinery.

Clutch release bearings for cars/trucks/tractors

Belt tighteners

Wheel bearings

Axel shafts bearings

Shockabsorber bearings

Universal joints crosses

Cross joints

C-V joints

Gearbox bearings/clutch pilot bearings

Hydraulic clutch release bearings

Belt distribution kit

Plug for wheel bearings locking

Belt tensioner kits with water pump

Wheel bearing kits